Backup Power Consumer Disclosure Form

Backup Power for Le-Ru Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) Services during Power Outages

Le-Ru Broadband and Telephone Company has offered landline phone services to your home since 1962 through copper lines that would power your phones even during power outages.  With the transition to fiber optic lines, the ability to power your landline phone during a power outage is no longer available.  To avoid disruptions to your phone services during power outages and to maintain the ability to connect to 911 emergency services, Le-Ru offers a 24-hour battery backup.

What Your UPS System
Can and Cannot Do for You

The battery backup offered by Le-Ru for fiber installations allows you to continue to use your FTTP services during a power outage.  Without a battery backup or another alternate source of power such as a generator, fiber customers will not be able to make any telephone calls including emergency 911 calls through a landline phone during a power outage.  The only way to maintain the ability to use your Le-Ru FTTP services (including telephone services) during a power outage is by using some form of backup power.

Our battery backup only powers the fiber device (ONT) installed by Le-Ru.  It does not power any other customer owned devices like home security systems, medical monitoring devices, customer routers, cordless phones, and/or other customer owned devices.

Purchase Options

You can purchase a 24-hour battery backup directly through Le-Ru.  The cost for the battery backup is currently $264.00.  You can have it set up during the installation of your FTTP services, pick it up at our office, or call us to set up an appointment to install one at your location.  Please note that additional charges may apply for setup after the initial installation of the FTTP services.  If you have any questions or simply want to purchase a battery backup, call us at 417-628-3844 or go to the main office at 555 Carter St Stella, MO 64867.  All purchases will be final and the battery backup will be owned by you (customer) and your responsibility to maintain and operate properly.  The FTTP device (ONT) installed by Le-Ru will still be owned and maintained by Le-Ru.

Expected Backup Power Duration

Standard battery backups are expected to last 6 to 10 hours on standby power.  The 24-hour battery backup offered by Le-Ru is expected to provide 24 hours on standby power.

Proper Usage and Storage

The 24-hour battery backup is approximately 6” X 3.5” X 2.6” and weights approximately 7 lbs.   It should be placed in an indoor location with an operating temperature not to exceed 120°F and get below 14°F.  Power input for the battery backup is 120Vac and the output power is 12Vdc.